When you start thinking about designing your room, you also start thinking how much time and money it will cost you.
You don't know what to start with, you don't know where to find a reliable designer who will understand and share your ideas on designing style, then you need to start looking for furniture studios and stores, spend hours and hours goining into furniture stores or studios choosing the furniture that will suit your taste and wallet, then try to imagine how it all will match each other in your room etc.
In our online 3D modelling studio all the steps can be made just in few clicks and it is as simple as it had been never before. You are a direct and main participant of the whole process.
To make the process even easier for you, we designed 4 main packages. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose the one which will suit you the best.
Light project

Do you already know what furniture and items you’ll use in your design and want to see how it looks in 3D?

  1. Upload photos 
  2. Specify details
  3. And see how it looks 
Standard project

Do not know what furniture to use and want to look for it in our catalog?

  1. Upload photos
  2. Select furniture
  3. Specify details 
  4. And see how it looks 
Base project

Do you like a specific decoration style and want to see it in 3D?

  1. Upload photos
  2. Select your style
  3. Specify details
  4. And see how it looks 
Creative project

Are you not sure what style to choose and want to see 3 different designs?

  1. Upload photos 
  2. Select 3 styles
  3. Specify details
  4. ​And see how it looks 


If you prefer to see some examples of our works before getting our services, here we show you a few pictures before and after. Not be in doubt, click the navigating button below and move it from onside to the other, then you will appreciate the difference. But remember, it is 3D! Do not think it is a room already remodeled because it seems so real! And if you want to see more, you can look for other samples in our web section “Examples”. 

How It Works

With us to start 3D designing your room is very simple and easy. It will take you the following steps

Choose your space

Choose the space you want to have in 3D. Tell us a bit about the space and your ideas on what you wish to have.

Upload your photos

Upload the photos of the space you've chosen and our specialists will contact you to create the best 3D design for you.

Get contacted

Our professionals will contact you to make sure all your wishes and desires are satisfied in the best manner.

Get your 3D model

Here we go! Now you can get your specially customized 3D model of your space.

Here's what you get

Customized 3D Design for you
Unlimited Edits for you
Option of Including Your Own Pieces
360° Rotation Preview
Interactive Collage of Ideas
Individual Service from Designers
The Whole Process with a few Clicks
You Can Buy Whatever
Special Presents
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