Before starting your experience with Glancing Eye, you can examine our previous projects. Check if you like what you see and decide if you want to have your 3D design. In this section you can find some examples of our works. These designs have been done by our 3D artists and 3D designers, for our clients from different countries, and are customized especially for each one.

We can design any space of your home, as you will see in the examples; there are living rooms, bedrooms, exterior terraces and different spaces.

By clicking the images below you will see the differences between before and after. You can also imagine that is your own home and, in this way, you will have an idea about how it might look.

3D Interior with 360 rotation

If you want, you can also see some examples of our designs from another perspective. Besides 3D design, we also offer 360 views of your room -a new way to look into a space. By clicking the images below you can move and turn the picture to see it in 360º. You will see; it seems like if you were inside of your new room. Test it, is very real!

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