See our works in 3D modeling.
With the help of 3D modeling you can see objects and spaces in a completely new way that you couldn’t even imagine. But firstly, let us find out what is 3D modeling. To make it simple, 3D stands for three-dimensional technology, which makes items on a screen look like they are real. 3D modeling allows you to create a complete plan of your home, flat, rooms, office or outdoor territory in virtual space and convert any furniture or decor item into 3D.
Therefore, if you need 3D model for your interior/exterior/furniture/item, then you are at the right place. Glancing EYE creates 3D models of any difficulty from the very beginning till the very end - let it be either furniture or sculpture or any other fanciest interior object. We are ready to offer you the best possible service and solution and implement your craziest idea. All the objects on our scenes (interiors) are made by our 3D artists and designers team. We make ANY object which can be modelled.
All you need is to send us an e-mail or write in the feedback form with the links to the items you need to have in 3D. Also, if you found a 3D model that is already in our 3D catalog you just need give us its name. Then we will contact you to start working.
Our 3D modeling service is a unique and interactive method which gives you exemplification of the illustration. This service can be perfect for particulars to design their homes, but it is also very effective for companies and factories. So, if you have furniture company or decoration shop and want to have any object in 3D, please feel free to contact us.

Our skills and abilities
OUR SKILLS-SOFTWARE: 3dsmax, Maya, V-ray, Corona render engines, 3d Coat, Zbrush, Xnormal, Crazy Bump, Photoshop, Substance painter, Quixel suite.
OUR ABILITIES: high-poly and low poly modeling, Texturing, Uv unwrapping, Shading, Rendering, Sculpting.
Here you can see some of our recent works on 3D modeling which will help you to have an idea how your space might look like.
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