3D Interior Design and Home Decor
We are Glancing Eye and we can make your Dream Home

Our company is not a usual design studio.  We offer our customers a wide range of innovative approaches to design and décor their homes and for an affordable price. In our workflow we use modern technologies - 3D, 360° design and VR (Virtual Reality)! And these things let us make a high-quality and well thought out design which can satisfy your needs. Our VR and 3D software makes it as easy for you as playing in a video game.

Glancing EYE also provides 3D modeling services of any difficulty to satisfy the most sophisticated taste and the boldest ideas. We model any object, it does not matter if you are a particular or company. 



When you want to design your space, you have to call a designer, choose furniture, spent a lot of time and money. He measures the sizes, draws sketches but you still don't know how it will look in real life. It's like buying a pig in a poke. But it can be done just in a couple of clicks.

We can create a design using our 3D modeling studio. We developed 4 standard packages that can fit both your budget and taste. Choose one and get the design of your dreams - all you have to do is to upload photos of your space on the site.

Then you get a 360° 3D model of it and are able to customize, and when it is done, you can buy every item that is on this model.



We cooperate with furniture manufacturers and offer their items in our Furniture Сatalogue. No matter if you choose one of our four standard packages or a virtual reality project, we offer you a wide choice of various indoor furniture (living room, bedroom, dining room, bedding, office furniture, lighting, playroom items, textiles, etc) and outdoor elements (fountains, sculptures, pools, rugs, decorations, etc).

So when all elements you like are chosen, next step is a purchase. We work throughout Europe and handle all organizational questions. Furniture will be delivered to your front door thus saving your time instead of wasting it in studios or shops.



People are already used to flat pictures. 3D stands for three-dimensional technology, which makes items on a screen look like they are real and you are able to touch them.

Designers all over the world use 3D in their workflow, but even this has already become old. Thus we offer you 3D + VR technology (virtual reality). Nowadays it is mostly used in entertainment sphere and probably you have heard about it from gaming industry. But we apply it to design!

VR headset allows you to perceive virtual things as they are real. With its help 3D artists create an actual model of anything. This opens up a lot of possibilities and options: you can take a walk or run around your future house, change types and colour of furniture or daytime colour, see how it looks and if this design satisfies your needs or not.



Our advantages


The price does not depend on the square meters. Set up your aims and choose one of the four our 3d design packages and develop it as an individual project;

3D modeling saves time and reduces the price for all additional services: you do not have to pay for the designer's visits to you, etc. Moreover, it is faster and more secure, because the result will please you;

There is no need to break down the walls or even to leave a house or office. You can get the design in a couple of days and see your new room in "real" time and in 3D space with all necessary furniture elements that you or our designer has chosen;

Design is provided in more than 15 styles and each one is made with an individual approach. Besides, our artists can realize your ideas and customize it;

You can look at your new design or furniture in 360° degrees from any angle and distance;

Large-scale innovative service - Virtual Reality. You can watch, walk, run or play in your house as in a computer game;


The team of our 3d designers and artists is located throughout Europe from the West to the East. We are working for different customers, it helps to raise our professional level, master and improve skills for excellent work which leads to great results.

That’s why we offer a wide choice of services: High-poly and Low-poly modeling, Texturing, Uv unwrapping, Shading, Rendering, Sculpting. Our team uses unique and interactive methods that give you exemplification of the illustration. We truly believe that 3D design demands everyday improvement. That’s why we implement all innovations in our work.


Before and After


The main advantage of designing your space in 3D is that you can see a desired result without breaking down something and buying furniture you are not satisfied with. These virtual models allow you to customize your space, add or remove stuff, change its colour and harmonize everything.

Design has never been so simple and affordable as it is now. You can see some pictures of our previous work that display how the space looked before and after.




I wanted to refresh my house but didn't know how to do it. Besides, whether designer's services will fit my wallet. I made a little research and found Glancing Eye. They created a 3D model of my space and I really loved that I could choose furniture or change it by myself! You do not depend on anybody! That's really amazing experience

Buying new furniture is always fascinating and exciting. Unless you start thinking over searching and shipping. I decided to buy furniture online and came across Glancing Eye. They offer lots of fantastic items of excellent quality and affordable price. Moreover, the shipping is taken over.

It's a must for every company to have an impressive office. Designers offered me sketches, but I wanted something more specific. And Glancing Eye made me an excellent VR project. I could even walk in my future office, I saw how the furniture would match each other from all angles and I could touch every item before it was built! After seeing it in virtual reality I was sure that I'd get exactly what I needed.

Raúl & Andrea's Family
Making house repairs is really stressful! Especially when it comes to time. We were tired to explain the designer how we want our interior to look like. And one of our neighbors said that there are companies which make 3D design of any item or space. We have chosen Glancing Eye because they offer 4 packages! The Base Project has completely fitted our aim. All in all - great design, excellent service, saves time and money.

I had a lot of sketches of furniture but had no idea how to turn them into something more than just drawings. Glancing Eye made a functioning 3D model of them so I could watch from any angle and distance as if the models were real.

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