Nowadays, designers around the world use 3D in their workflow, but even this has already become old. For this reason, now we have a new exclusive service –Virtual Reality– for our customers and partners. This is the future that can be experienced right now.

Virtual Reality is mostly used in entertainment sphere and probably you have heard about it from gaming industry. But we apply it to design! Now it is possible to walk around your future apartment in real time in 3D.

Our Virtual Reality software gives you the chance to see how would look your home if you would design it in that way. It provides you a lot of possibilities and options like the ability to change color, type of furniture, daytime to nighttime, lights, etc. –in real time just like in a video game. You will think you are visiting your own new/redesigned home. You can interact and modify whatever, and then you can decide whether the design satisfies your needs or not.

If you want to see what we are talking about, just take a look at this video. It is amazing! Furthermore, those who have VR headset will feel like if they were inside –VR headset allows you to perceive virtual things as they were real. Before starting your experience with Virtual Reality in Glancing Eye, in order to be sure that you can see it correctly, we'll send you a demo scene where you can walk around and test the performance of your PC.

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