Become a Partner

If you are a company or furniture factory which works with decor products and design accessories, do not think anymore and contact with us.
In Glancing Eye we think is very useful to work and cooperate with other companies because it helps both parts to promote and improve their services. Therefore, we are always ready to add new companies in our partners catalog, in a free way, with the purpose of working together and creating a new, unique and exclusive service for the clients.

Why you should work with us?
By cooperating and joining forces we can reach a wider market and then to spread products, improve sales, promote brands, gain clients and grow as companies.
We offer you the option of including all your furniture, décor items and any other accessory that clients could need to design their homes, in our online furniture catalog. In this way, users from around Europe can select and use them in their designs through our 3D design service.
Furthermore, all this will help us to improve aspects like:

  • Growth
  • Brands Value
  • Credibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • More possibilities and chances 
  • Results in sales and statistics

How to cooperate?
In order to cooperate with us you just need to notify it. We will answer you as fast as possible.

Become a partner and join us. We will be waiting for you!
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